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At the fourth mock battle ground, Kuro fiddled with his gun nervously. Han made a temporary team to rescue the first years. This was the first time he's been left out of Han's battle plans.


"We will become the laughing stock of everyone, in the worst case the thirteenth squad will be disbanded. You all understand what kind of treatment we will receive by the others after we are disbanded, right?"


If he had been a simple guy who strictly adhered to commands, he would have forced himself to somehow rejoin no matter the end result. If so, the entire squad would have fallen into danger. Canute always thinks and judges for himself.


"We turned the first generation psychoframe into a training bot! This is 'Old Man-3.' We fit the skeleton and basic gear according to your physique. This will be for your personal use, temporarily."


It would be unlucky to take on the name Echo, when the team that had been eliminated was dubbed Echo. They would be jinxed. It would only be used once again after some time had passed and the event forgotten.


Silence asked. Ark didn't push their youths to learn martial arts as much. Ark trained their youths for the sole purpose of battling against minions and dragons. Martial arts were one of the least important on their list of priorities.

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"He learns the fastest in all the classes. His learning capabilities excel greatly compared to everyone. He just puts in that much more effort. But it's a shame he couldn't manifest his psychic powers all this time. He's only a D rank, so even if he succeeds, he will be greatly limited."


Kuro looked like he wanted to cry from the blow. There was a giant bruise on his leg. Han took a moment to catch his breath and stood in front of Kuro. Han helped Kuro up and spoke.


Han smiled bitterly. Everyone didn't seem to realize that the instructors had purposely set up the situation in this way.


Han already understood the situation. The drill instructors were monitoring them and looking for the right time to come into the room. They had been waiting for the exact time when the children would fight amongst one another to create an event in which they would be able to unite as one.


If he had been stomped on just then, he would have really died. Sergeant Red's military boots were as heavy and no different from hammers itself.


"I can't take pictures of myself to send them anymore. I grew up like this all by myself."


It was interesting to receive all of Han's dynamic attack patterns. This was proof that he didn't simply blindly spar with sheer power.



He had always been the one to suffer the most injuries during their squad battles as well. Canute had always silently carried on this dangerous role in their squad.



"When you turn on the psychoframe, the cylindrical skeletal frame here will connect with the dragon material. The psychoframe will consume your psychic energy to move. You've used weapons made of dragon bone, right? You will experience the same feeling throughout your entire body."


Jose mumbled and hid behind the tree. The ninth squad suffered an injury and became paralyzed. They mustered their last remaining strength to crawl to cover.


Each country had refined their own versions during the first wave of aggression, and so each frame looked distinctly different. These were the psychoframes that had not undergone the process of mass production.

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